Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So Fresh and So Clean

I wasn't feeling so hot the other day and was just laying in bed after work. I hadn't even changed out of my work clothes so you know I couldn't be feeling good! Duke, my cat, came and joined me because he's the most awesome cat ever and loves people and me! We laid there for a long time then he started cleaning himself. I watched for awhile while he cleaned himself and was so amazed by it. I never really thought about it but he never smells funny (unlike my dog) and he's a tuxedo and his white parts stay SO white - even directly under his chin - how does he get there?! I have yet to see him clean the under the chin area, hopefully I'll catch him one day. My favorite move of his is when he licks his paw and then moves it over his ear and face. It's so cute. I stole that move for my "cat" action during a game of Thumper recently and it was a huge hit!!

Then he started licking my hand. Does he do this because he feels my hand is dirty? Or, does he do it as a way of expressing affection? Or does my hand taste good? It reminded me of how I would always lick my arm after swimming in pools when I was younger. Gotta love that chlorine taste!

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