Thursday, October 30, 2008


Saturday I left for a business trip to Denver. I was pretty overwhelmed going into it because I was head of the Networking Committee for this 160 person conference. I kinda had a lot on my plate and some responsibility on Sunday. After that, my responsibility pretty much died down and I had ample free time network. Despite being quite friendly to the people I know, I am a huge wallflower with people I don't...I choose to hole up in my so-very-comfortable Westin Heavenly bed and read.

I had heard some buzz around the Twilight series so I thought that would be a good book to have while I was on my trip. Holy cow! I was not prepared to be totally blown away and become obsessed with vampires! I instantly fell in love with Twilight and devoured every single page within 48 hours. The day that I knew I'd finish it, I frantically searched Denver for a bookstore to buy the next one in the series, New Moon. I even posted a little bit about loving the book on Facebook and, boy, did I get a response! I am not the only vampire lover out there!

The weather in Denver was lovely and my last day there, instead of sightseeing after the conference sessions, I got comfy on my oversized patio (thanks, Westin!) and read, read, read! I took a 15 minute break to scarf down room service pizza and then continued to read until 11pm Denver time! That is super late for me given that I've been going to bed at 9pm EST! Oh yeah, I also took a break to go to and order the final two books of the series because I knew I was hooked! Of course, I finished New Moon that night.

Now I keep checking my Borders shipment tracking page every five seconds. I cannot wait to start the next one! I don't want to talk about the intimate details in the hopes that those of you who haven't read it will start and I don't want to ruin the fabulous-ness of it! I've also watched the trailers for the movie about 10 times, practically sitting on top of the screen taking in every little detail! Cedric Diggory playing Edward Cullen is a perfect match!! *sigh* I am just so in love with these books, I can't stand it! Five minutes have passed - perhaps my shipment is closer to Cincinnati now...

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