Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shop Till You Drop!

I knew it was going to be a good day when Brian said to me this morning, "Go to, fill up a shopping cart, then send me the log in information so I can add to it." It was music to my ears! I have been very good about my shopping recently and I think he's noticed! It probably helps that he also noticed that the Gap brands (Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic) were having a nice online sale as well!

I mentioned Brian's lovely quote to my friend at work who had indulged in the sale a day earlier but still wanted to get more. So the two of us went to "work" filling our shopping cart full of fabulous deals! Brian quickly added his items to the cart and turned it back over to me for payment.

It was like a magical game watching the discounts being applied to the 23 items that the 3 of us had put together! Almost $100 in savings!! In the end I walked away with:

1. Free shipping
2. 12 clothing items just for myself at $200 (that's quite the deal if you ask me)
3. 5 items for Brian that should last him about a month (since he wears button downs and khakis EVERY day *no joke*)
4. A few gap gift cards since I paid with my Gap Card
5. One less hour in my work day

A job well done! Hopefully this fiscal responsibility will be remembered when it comes time for my performance review!!

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